Unconditional Surrender
Printed paper, dried organics, foil,
cloth, paint, and found material
20 x 20 inches
Collection: Nancy and Charles Martindale

Dixon says, “The intuitive process is endlessly intriguing to me, and my intention is to probe toward the heart of creativity. By aesthetic sensitivity and creative ingenuity, almost anything can be infused with a sense of surprise, mystery, beauty, and joy. When composing found material, I explore the connections between visual form and symbolic communication. Improvisational aspects of collage provide the potential for creating extrinsic value from ingredients that have virtually no intrinsic worth, inviting subjective interpretation and the perceptual echo of each unique observer.”

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Mixed Media Collage

Fine and Applied Art
by John Andrew Dixon

Sacred Ode to Merz
Printed paper, packaging, stamps,
torn tickets, and found material
16 x 20 inches
Private collection of the artist

Collage artworks can
be seen by appointment
at the Dixon Design gallery
in downtown Danville
or viewed online at:

The Collage Miniaturist

Dixon investigates the compositional effect that takes place when symbolic images are spontaneously combined with everyday material. “As the identity of each ingredient element is transcended,” he explains, “unexpected artistic impressions beyond the literal subject matter are achieved.” These unique collage artworks are aesthetically suitable for interior design concepts, institutional settings, and sophisticated residential spaces.

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Pearallel Universe
Printed paper, dried organics, foil,
enamel, acrylics, and found material
25 x 21 inches
Collection: St. Joseph Health System

With attention to superior craftsmanship, Dixon assembles each piece without preconceived notions, selecting from an extensive “morgue” of visual components. He explains, “Although I perceive thematic currents of counterpoint, balance, and unity, I find it nearly impossible to rationalize my individual compositions. I am convinced that the resulting totality of emotional impressions and associative meanings derive more from the heart’s intent than from conscious decision making.”



Structural Integrity
Printed paper, dried organics, foil,
packaging, discarded book covers,
and found material
8 x 11 inches
Collection: Gaynella and Richard McGuire


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