Explore the diverse styles of John Andrew Dixon . . .

Wood Engravings
Limited-edition prints from hand-engraved maple blocks, authentically produced by the artist at Larkspur Press.

Mixed Media
Unique, sophisticated collage designs that feature found material are ideal for interior design, corporate settings, and residential spaces.

Commission an interpretation of your favorite landscape or an architectural rendering suitable for archival framing and office display.

Watercolor-with-pencil paintings for family heirlooms, stakeholder recognition, or institutional publications.

Cartoon Humor
Attention-getting, whimsical images provided as conventional ink drawings or electronic media for newsletters, magazines, and promotions.

Montage Illustration
Investment-grade paintings in the classic 20th-century poster style are executed as stunning originals, suitable for both reproduction and archival framing.

Legacy Artworks
Commemorate a milestone event with personalized art, created to reflect the golden age of expedition-style illustration.

Haus of Cards
One-of-a-kind, crafted greetings with traditional lettering art for special invitations, benefactor development, or as a memorable gift.

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